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Signature Weddings & Stylish Events

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Corporate Events

We consider it the ultimate privilege that families trust us with the responsibility of celebrating major milestones. Nothing fulfills us more than getting a front row seat to someone's celebration of love.

Our goal is to give you the most priceless gift by making this process as efficient and enjoyable as it should be. We only take on a few clients each year to ensure you get the best from our team. The party starts with us; the story continues with you.

Events & Galas

Event planning for corporate events requires the full understanding of logistics, entertainment, audio visual, fabrication, catering, presentations, breakout sessions, social engagement and the marketing leading up to and following up after your corporate event. We’ll handle all the logistics associated with Corporate event planning for optimum results. Our scope of services ranges from executing on the program topics designed to resonate with your audience and developing the schedules for presenters and catering staff. 

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Parties & Celebrations 

The team of Sky Events & Productions has executed everything imaginable, from Bar & bat mitzvah's, theatrical birthday and lavish roof top parties. We are best known for the design and production of extreme events and are some of most passionate creators. We've designed & executed some of the most romantic destinations parties around the world. We are committed in creating remarkable and memorable experiences for all our clients.

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